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[S1E4] Chess Moves And Poker Chips REPACK

By the time Vicky finally gets a good hand she tries (and of course fails) to hide it, which makes everybody else pass. This makes Vicky furious and declares that once the game is over she is burning it before handing Heavy her four last poker chips before leaving. Glam then attempts to get through Dee by subtly recalling how Dee hacked though the system Glam installed on their computers to keep his children from going on inappropriate websites and eventually succeeds but Chive is still way ahead of them all. When he is once again asked how does he do it he just says that he doesn't even bother to check his cards, acting like he doesn't care if he wins or loses. After he laid down his own cards on the table Glam, trying to remain calm with one eye twitching, tells his kids to light the bonfire.

[S1E4] Chess Moves and Poker Chips

There is much to be learned about poker from studying other games. Many writers have expounded on poker enlightenment from comparisons with chess, rock-paper-scissors, roulette, martial-arts matches, and so on.

They are playing three-dimensional chess, which may involve many more permutations for a small number of moves than ordinary 2D chess--even the best computer programs still can't typically beat professionals at the game of Go for example, because the number of permutations is much larger than in chess.

So in the middle of the game there are usually around 20 possible moves. That means that if X move deep search would take 10 seconds, X+1 move deep search would take 66 hours (60s * 20 * 20 as there are two sides in the game). In 3D chess there are probably many more pieces and many more moves, so X+1 move deep search could take days or even weeks.

Well, I wouldn't compare Data to supercomputers in the context of both having similar anatomy, but the way they are programmed to work. Supercomputers known to beat the world's best chess player calculates moves based purely on the best logical permutation of the move. It analyzes the strategies used and finds the best course of action.

It's not all about computation. Humans have superior understanding. Computers understand nothing but they have good algorithms. In chess, computation plays a big enough role for computers to win most of the time. Not so in other games, like possibly mahjong and poker. In poker, computation is definitely less important.

Data can lose because he deliberately held back from using a brute-force solution, similar to how he could almost certainly mark cards in their weekly poker games, but doesn't. Data has no need to demonstrate perfect play on a solved game, except maybe at a math symposium; he doesn't seem to take any particular pleasure from it, and he won't learn anything from it. (This is assuming chess is a solved game in the 24th century.)

In "Fight Fighters," he gives the Pines a tour of the Arcade and shows them some of the games he likes. He is later seen playing poker with Chipackerz instead of poker chips with the Pines at the Mystery Shack. When they hear Robbie playing his guitar, Soos thinks that he is picking up a radio station in his head, and Mabel suggests blinking to change the channel. When Dipper notices that it's Robbie, Soos puts in that Robbie called him "Big Dude" once. When Stan gives Dipper a choice about the fight with Robbie and Dipper chooses to be a wimp, Soos tells Dipper he should just forget about Robbie. Soon after, he is seen playing NORT and wonders what it's like to be stuck inside a video game. He soon unscrews part of the machine and goes in, and later scares someone at the arcade who was about to play the game. Later, he asks Dipper if he needs an "amiable sidekick with a pickup truck," and while Dipper and Rumble are fighting, he tries to diminish Rumble McSkirmish's health by waving at the health bar. In the credits, he has a dream that everything is 8-bit and he is a Pac-Man-like head that eats Dipper, Mabel, Stan, and Wendy. When he wakes up he falls back asleep and has the same dream. 041b061a72


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