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Buy Ben Wa Balls

Kegel balls, or Ben Wa balls, have been used for centuries to strengthen vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. The small, weighted balls come in a variety of different weights and sizes to help you contract and release different muscles with ease.

buy ben wa balls

Ben Wa balls are small, weighted balls designed to be inserted in the vagina. They usually come in pairs and are sometimes linked together by a string. They may also have a string that dangles and can make their removal easier. They come in a variety of weights and sizes and can be made from many different materials, including metal, glass, silicone, and plastic.

Ben Wa balls may be used on their own or with other sex aids, such as a vibrator. Most people do not move them repeatedly in and out of the vagina as you might use a dildo. Instead, they find that the balls can heighten awareness, arousal, and sensation when left inside or moved gently.

Cleaning sex toys is vital to your sexual health. You can clean Ben Wa balls with anti-bacterial soap and water. If your toy is silicone, stainless steel, or Pyrex, you may be able to use the top rack of your dishwasher.

Ben Wa balls or the Kegel balls, are small, weighted balls that can be inserted into a woman's vaginal canal. These balls can be used to assist with pelvic floor and vaginal strengthening exercises. They can also boost sexual satisfaction. Ben Wa balls can be as tiny as a marble or as large as two inches in diameter. Some are composed of metal, while others are made of lighter materials like plastic and contain metal ball bearings to provide weight.

Ben Wa balls are also known by other names like- Kegel balls, orgasm balls, venus balls, rin-no-tama, vaginal beads, or geisha balls. Duotone balls are larger versions of smaller balls that are encased in plastic.

Gynecologists and obstetricians recommend Ben Wa balls to improve vaginal elasticity and bladder control.Related TopicsPelvic Organ Prolapse - Types, Causes, Symptoms, and TreatmentIs surgical correction important for loose vagina with gap?Urinary System - Components and Their Functions

The balls can be left in the vaginal canal if the user has anal intercourse. When the Ben Wa balls are kept inserted during anal intercourse, the balls are pushed against the most sensitive areas of the vagina.

The Ben Wa balls can be placed in the vaginal canal throughout intercourse if the user and their partner are comfortable. This could result in more stimulation. However, in order to avoid discomfort, the user's partner should keep penetration shallow and steady.

Ben Wa balls can also be used to help in masturbation. It can be done by moving the balls in and out. Simply leaving them in place is a more intense method to use them. While the individual moves around, the balls may stimulate different sections of the vagina.

The Intensity of a Workout- Kegel balls are often built as singles or doubles (doubles provide a more challenging workout); they can be made of metal or silicone; they are available in a variety of weights and sizes, making it simple to find the right fit. Some even vibrate, boosting the workout's intensity.

Electronic or Traditional Balls- Electronic Kegel exercisers and pelvic floor trainers, which use a sensor to stimulate the muscles for customized exercises, are also available. These devices are usually Bluetooth-enabled and come with smartphone apps with guided workouts and progress tracking. Electronic Kegel balls and trainers are more expensive than traditional weighted balls and trainers.

Kegel balls, sometimes known as Ben Wa balls, have been around for some time. They are utilized to strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles for various reasons, like urinary incontinence and bladder control treatment, stress incontinence treatment, prolapse of the vaginal or cervical canal, or increasing sexual gratification. If used with proper technique, care, and adequate hygiene maintenance, it can give various health benefits.

Ben Wa balls, also known as orgasm balls, rin-no-tama[1] or Venus balls (Chinese: 阴道球; pinyin: yīndàoqiú "vagina ball", or Chinese: 内用球; pinyin: nèiyòngqiú "internal-use ball"), are small, marble-sized balls, usually hollow and containing a small weight, that roll around and are used for sexual stimulation by insertion into the vagina. Available in a variety of forms, the balls may be solid, or contain clappers or chimes within. Other, larger versions made of plastic encasing lesser balls are called Duotone balls. They are used by inserting them into the vagina and using the pubococcygeus muscles to hold them in, stimulating movement and/or vibration. Ben Wa balls should not be confused with anal kegel exercisers and prostate stimulators: Ben Wa balls sometimes have a retrieval string or attachment of some sort, but they do not have an adequately flared base for safe anal play.[2]

Ben Wa balls have a varied history; their origin and method of construction varies depending upon location. Most information concerning Ben Wa balls is vague and probably apocryphal. Originally they were made of a single ball placed in the vagina, used to enhance the act of sexual intercourse, but then evolved into multiple metal covered balls linked by either a chain or silk string for easy removal. Use of Ben Wa balls creates a subtle stimulation, not meant to bring the user to immediate orgasm but rather to tease. It is possible to leave Ben Wa balls in one's vagina all day, or use them while seated in a rocking chair,[3] for an effect that some find pleasurable. Health experts caution against prolonged placement of foreign objects in the vagina due to the risk of infection.[4]

Ben Wa balls may also be used to increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, much as Taoist sexual practices have been used for centuries[5] and the Kegel exercises are used today. Similar to Kegel exercises, Ben Wa balls and other shaped vaginal weightlifting equipment are recommended by gynecologists and obstetricians to increase vaginal elasticity and bladder control.[6] Vaginal weights come in a spherical shape and are used in increasing weights to strengthen the vagina, which improves sexual performance.[citation needed]

For all the crystal lovers out there, these are made with obsidian, which is said to provide protection. What could be more important to protect than your vagina? These balls, like the others, can be used for both practice and pleasure. At 25 millimeters, they're smaller than most options out there, making them really versatile.

Rave Review: "I have been doing kegel exercises for over a year and I had always been intrigued by the idea of investing in some high-end vibrating kegel balls, partially for taking my exercises to the next level, and partially because I'm always looking for new toys! The We-Vibe kegel balls interested me because they have their own vibrations, and because they connect to an app for control of the vibrations. That sounded exciting! For me, I wanted to take the next step to get a quality product rather than simply going for a cheaper option! A fantastic product for anyone wanting to take a more advanced step in doing their kegel exercises! The apps works perfectly, the toy is perfectly sized/shaped/textured, and I have no faults to mention at all. It's perfect :)"

The Ami set comes with three different weighted balls, all of which have a different shape to change up the way you're challenging your pelvic floor. Even the heaviest piece is perfectly balanced to ensure proper muscle activation without slipping.

Rave Review: "I've never used kegel balls before, but had pelvic surgery last summer so felt like I should make more of an effort to strengthen my pelvic floor. These were definitely worth purchasing. I've been using the medium-sized ball and am about to advance to the largest. I use it several times a day, and often wear it for several hours to remind me to do my exercises, and for kink because it feels amazing. When I move around and the weighted ball moves unexpectedly, it's a great sensation. The cord is very sturdy and the silicone has a great velvety texture. This is a very high-quality product and I would definitely recommend it."

With thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, people love that you just have to these weights for 15 minutes a day for a noticeably tighter, stronger pelvic floor. In this kit, you'll get a pack of six different balls, all of which have a different weight.

The first, is simply sexual pleasure. Ben wa balls can provide a completely new kind of stimulation that a woman might not have felt before. You can choose duotone or vibrating models, which make it even easier to reach orgasm. You might want a set that you can wear while having sex, to give you and your partner some unique sensations. You might even be looking for a long distance set, which can be operated from many hundreds of miles away by your partner.

As time goes on, most people suffer from a weakening of the pelvic floor, which can lead to many different health issues. To combat this, you can work on training and strengthening these muscles, with different exercises and devices. Ben wa balls are one of these devices, and wearing them can greatly enhance your pelvic floor training.

As your pelvic floor becomes stronger, you might find it much easier to hold your balls inside your body. If you want more of a challenge, this is the time to work your way onto smaller and smaller balls.

As a general guide though, you can usually group ben wa balls into three size groups. Larger balls are usually anything over 33mm in diameter. Small balls tend to be under 30mm in diameter. Everything in between is usually a medium!

The weight of your ben wa ball will mostly be determined by what you use them for. Each brand and line of ben wa balls can be a different weight, and all of our bodies are different. This means what might be the ideal set of ben wa balls for most people you know could be much too heavy for you! 041b061a72


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