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Cubase 5 64 Bit Windows 7 68

1) Console application? GUI application?== It's GUI Application. 2) Building for 32-bit or 64-bit?==Building for 32 bit but using windows 7 64 bit operating system. 3) Any DLLs? If so, does the bitness of the DLLs match the bitness of the executable?==before getting this error,I am facing one more issue,that is "WDAPI.dll" missing error ,so I added 32 bit .dll file in my system path(C:/Windows/Syswow64) and 64 bit .dll file in (C:/Windows/system32)...

cubase 5 64 bit windows 7 68

Yea! got it to login and run, BUT cant hear playback while using, it records just fine but can't seem to figure out how to hear while i'm playing, Any ideas any one? using cubase elements 7 & 8, windows 7 64 bit ultimate.

thx for sharingi dl windows version, from above link:VST Speek 1.3 for windows 64 bitunzipped etcnow, documentation:VST Speek documentation.pdfhas a link to:The complete phoneme alphabet and explanations can be found here : this link does not work for mei have found the phoneme alphabet at:1) -macke/SAM/wiki/Phonetic-Alphabet

very nice plugin ! Only in cubase 5 (64 bit), I can not type a space between the words. Also it crashes when selecting a preset. It would be cool that the parameters can be changed with a midi controller so you can record them during a song.

hello great to here an updates is on his way ?The crash only happens when you click on the dropdown of presets in the vst plugin menu. when you load a preset it opens the windows eplorer dialog and then you can select a preset and the preset loads without a crash. So only the dropdown selection causes a crash of the entire DAW (cubase 5).

I have just installed cubase 7 on windows 7 64-bit and have bridge several plugins - Atmosphere, Soundtoys, Kick Ass Brass. None of these plugins seem to be able to find their .dat or preset files. I've used the spectramove utility to set the registry location for the .dat file, and confirmed that is where it points to. Soundtoys plugs launch, but show none of the built-in pesets. KAB can't find the soundfile even though the settings point to the right location for that as well. Any ideas?

Hello guys. I ve just bought Studio 192 Mobile. I use windows 7 64 bit. I connected the device. Downloaded the latest Universal Control driver. Updated it. Selected Main OUT L/R (192 Mobile) as my main playback device in Control Panel. Started getting sounds. Everything was ok until I started my DAW. When opened up Cubase, I heard very silent pop from speakers. Cubase sounds fine but cannot hear any audio from pc( youtube, windows media player, winamp, pc sounds, itunes etc.) In Control Panel - Sounds - Studio 192 Mobile still visible and selected as main playback device but there is no sounds except DAW. And when I close the DAW the sound does not come back either. All I can do is turn off and on the device to get sound again. I did a little research but could not find any answers. I dont want to return the device because of this. Hope you can help. Here is a quick video where I show how it goes

The issue was a mistmatch between my Presonus Studio 24c Sample Rate and Window's Default Format. For example, if you DAW project is set to 44k and your Presonus to 41, the audio interface will "take over" and prevent windows from using the bus. To fix this you need to change window's default sample rate to the one u usually set your DAW project with work with.


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