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Creating Seamless Fursuits With A Serger

Waterproof vinyl eye mesh is fabric is a material used in fursuits for the part of the eye that you see through. The material is a white mesh which can be painted with your eye design. It's easy to see through up close, but harder to see through from a distance, making it perfect for fursuit eyes. Most makers will use a combination of plastic sclera (whites) of the eyes and buckram for the iris/pupil. For the plastic, we recommend either cutting up inexpensive white bowls/trash cans or using plastic sheets, or ordering our ready-made acrylic laser cut eye blanks. The primary advantage of this mesh over buckram mesh is that it is waterproof, as it is made of vinyl-coated polyester. Unlike buckram, it cannot be damaged simply by getting wet.

Creating Seamless Fursuits With A Serger

Fleece may tend to fluff up your machine and caution needs to be taken to keep your machine clean during the time you sew with fleece. Keep an eye on the bobbin case as this is a major collector of lint! Read cleaning a sewing machine. If you use a serger, keep the blade of the machine clean and remove fluff from the underneath of the machine. 041b061a72


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