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Mirwais - Paradise (Not For Me)

Paradise (Not For Me)written by Madonna and Mirwaisprogramming and keyboards by Mirwaisproduced by Madonna and Mirwaisalso appears on the album "Production" by MirwaisTrack 9, Time: 6:29-------------------------I can't rememberWhen I was youngI can't explainIf it was wrongMy life goes onBut not the sameInto your eyesMy face remains[I've been so high]I've been so down[Up to the skies]Down to the groundI was so blindI could not seeYour paradiseIs not for meAutour de moiJe ne vois pasQui sont des angesSurement pas moiEncore une foisJe suis casséeEncore une foisJe n'y crois pas All around me I could not see Who are the angels Surely not me Once more again I am broken Once more again I don't believe it Chorus:I've been so highI've been so downUp to the skiesDown to the groundThere is a lightAbove my headInto your eyesMy face remains(chorus)I can't rememberWhen I was youngInto your eyesMy face remainsInto your eyesMy face remains(chorus, repeat)

Mirwais - Paradise (Not For Me)




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