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Where Can I Buy A Kindle Charger !!BETTER!!

Kindle devices 10th generation or below use a USB 2.0 (micro-USB) charger. Whereas, the latest Kindle Paperwhite, Signature Edition, and the Kids Edition use a USB C charger. Likewise, Kindle Fire 8 HD, Fire 8 HD Plus, and Fire HD 10 use a USB C charger while Fire 7 Tablet has a USB 2.0 port.

where can i buy a kindle charger

In this article, I will list down the different types of chargers that various versions of Kindle use so that you can easily compare and make a purchase! Plus, I will also recommend the best charger to buy for your Kindle!

So, another way of looking at it is if you have bought your Kindle device in 2020 or earlier, you most likely need a USB 2.0 charger for your Kindle! However, things do get complicated if you have purchased your device in 2021 or thereafter.

All Kindles, with the exception of Kindle Fire HD 10, use the same charger head (5 Watt). Kindle Fire HD 10 uses a 9W charger head. However, the charging cord used along with the charger head may vary from one Kindle device to another.

Most Kindle devices, with the exception of Kindle Fire Tablets, come with a charging cable inside the box but not the charging head. Kindle Fire Tablets are provided with both a charging cord as well as a charger.

However, if you own a Kindle Fire HD 10, then you may need to buy a 9W charger for your Kindle device. You can use the 5W charger too, but it will just take longer than usual to charge your device.

If no PC/laptop around for using an USB port the few hours for a full charge, I would try to get some universal USB charger - to be on the safer side only 1A (such as for instance the ones from Apple for iPhones).

The charging cable that comes with your Kindle uses standard USB connections. The common USB end, the rectangle plug that's compatible with every computer, is a common Type A plug. The end that plugs into the Kindle is a standard Micro-B plug. According to Amazon Support, you can use third-party USB cables and accessories, including wall chargers and adapters, so long as they are compliant with USB standards.

Whether wireless charging will be worth it for you depends entirely on whether you normally use it in other scenarios. All Kindles have great battery life, so you won't be charging them very often. I do have wireless chargers in my car and scattered all around the house, so the ability to just toss the Kindle onto them and have it charge is a nice, if marginal, improvement.

Fun fact: I tried to charge the Kindle Paperwhite SE using Apple's MagSafe magnetic charger for the iPhone, and not only does it work, but the charger sticks (though just barely) to the Kindle like it does to the iPhone. Pretty great.

Stan is a Senior Editor at Mashable, where he has worked since 2007. He's got more battery-powered gadgets and band t-shirts than you. He writes about the next groundbreaking thing. Typically, this is a phone, a coin, or a car. His ultimate goal is to know something about everything.

To answer your question, most any decent charger with a micro-USB connection will work with your tablet, but for the best results I recommend that you purchase this Amazon 9W USB Official OEM Charger and Power Adapter directly from Amazon.

Thanks for the very detailed explanation but I still had a question. If I charge the kindle with a charger that is 2A I cannot reduce the battery life? This reduction in charging time will not raise the battery temperature when charging?It turned out that there are two doubts. Rs

You forgot to talk about the power. The higher the current, the greater the electrical power consumed. So loads faster, but also warm the battery more than a charger 500mA. You can load (I even carry) with 1A charger, but the risk of battery life reduce large eh. It all depends on equipment capacity. I know the Kindle project, but it is written current max 500mA. Above that may occur but damage, although it is not the short term and plug in a 12v transformer.

Hello Anita!The wall charger iPhone 6 is 5V and, therefore, you can use to charge your Kindle.For the exchange of files between the Kindle and the iPad you must use a program on your computer. If the book is protected, I suggest you install the Kindle Reader app on iPad. There is no specific cable to connect the Kindle on the iPad. That does not exist.

Hi Bruno, when we purchased our kindles and my iPad the devices came with a white cube that plugs into the wall and a USB cord that in turn plugs into the cube. Is the white cube the charger you refer to in your article and the subsequent comments? If yes, with help of an adapter plug can we use this cube to charge our devices at 230 V and 50 Heart? Thank you.

Bruno, congratulations for objectivity and clarity of the post, and thank you, helped me a lot.I have a charger from Motorola (5,1 V e 0,85 A) that will serve perfectly to load my dear Paperwhite!

I always had issues of charging phones and devices in the past until I got my Galaxy Note 2. The Note 2 came with a 2A adapter and I was able to charge my other Micro USB devices with this Adapter in half the time. According to this article, yes, having more Amperes gets more juice in the battery quicker than lower Ampere adapters. I use an external battery charger for my Note 2 with a spare battery and It charges from 1% to a 100% in less than 2 hours. Charging a phone while it is turned on is never true 100% charge. Can you have food while running at the same time!? Same concept here. Hello.

Unplug your kindle, hold the power button and the vol down button simultaneously for ten seconds. The battery will appear as a low charge. This resets the kindle, from here, plug the charger in and wait until it turns on, should be s few minutes!! Done

A close look at the charger port attachment shows it is indeed very poorly designed for constant plugging and unplugging, and probably heating and cooling. There are two metal attachment prongs on the charging port which fit in corresponding holes in the MB to hold the port. There are two flush solder points for power on either side of the port (the design would have been significantly better if these two points were through the board and not soldered on the surface), and five micro pins. The solder looked to me to be brittle, and likely just detached after heating/cooling, with the motion up/down motion of plugging and unplugging the charging cable, the whole port just pulled off the board - a combination of poor design and bad solder.

The charge plug port on the kindle wears out over time and the plug needs a special angle to work. If you get the message "battery too low to power on kindle", and you are unable to get the orange light to stay on while plugged-in, then here is what you do. While plugged-in with screen facing up, tilt the plug up about 30-40 degrees and the orange light should stay on. Now, to keep this charging while your away, just lay the plug end where the cord meets the plug end on top of a book. This will keep the angle you need to continue charging.

I was about to drop my 4-year old Kindle Fire into the tech junk drive, and then I tried this tip. Miraculous. But how random that putting the charger on a book is the answer. Yay, tech savvy fitcruisin.

I bought a kindle 10.1 in Aug. 2016. Everything was great until Oct. I noticed it wasn't charging. I put a book under the area where charger goes in thinking it wasn't getting its connection like a cell phone. It was at 18% and before I knew it it wa dead!!! During the month of October my husband got cancer and today is the first day I've looked at it. It's deader than a door nail. I plugged it in thinking ... Maybe and nothing.

the kindle fire has a problem with the usb micro port on the main board if you take the back off and take out the screws and the detach the cables you will discover the usb micro charging port has became lose from the board try soldiering it back on.good luck

I had two different problems where my kindle would not charge. If it is to low of a battery leave it plugged in for 2-3 days and it will be fully charged. If you plug it in and it is not charging it is not always a problem with the charging port. It could also be the prongs on your charger is worn down from plugging and unplugging you kindle.

I used a fast charger (5V, 2A), and the orange light turned on. After a few minutes, it turned off. I when the charging light turned off, I unplugged it, hold the power slide for some time, and plugged it again. Each time I did that, the light stayed on longer. The light didn't turn on immediately after I plugged it in, it took like a minute to do so.

I did this for 3 days, and on day 4, the empty battery page disappeared and Kindle started! I couldn't believe it, seems like these small loads reborn my kindle. Now, this kindle and its battery are about 7 years old, and the battery clearly is old and worn out. At this time, it lasts about 4 or 5 hours, and I gets "fully charged" (light turns green) after an hour on the fast charger. I'm still charging it twice a day, hoping battery life may still improve a little. I'll probably buy a new battery, but I'm still glad I was able to get it back from death.

THEN I removed back (YOUTUBE!) Carefully unplugged/pulled small component where battery wire's are attached,Black thing, then Reattached,just pushed it on then replaced yellow tape! Hey presto it works ? phew. Just don't charge as fast. BUT it's still works so happy little lady.

The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition can be charged via Qi-based wireless chargers, plus its backlighting is automatically-adjusting. Plus, 4x as much storage and no on-screen ads. Not all of those features may be huge for everyone, but we're betting at least one is interesting for all. But at $189, it's a pretty pricey tablet. It's sitting right between the normal Paperwhite and the Oasis, and a good option if you have the money.

To start, we read a lot on these Kindles. We don't just do that to see how much battery life is drained in a set of time (and to then compare against the estimations these manufacturers provide), but to discover what we like and don't like about a given Kindle. We then keep reading. At home, on the bus, in the park and anywhere else where the lighting changes. 041b061a72


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