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Death Link - IMDb

Hours later, Tom arrives at the lake house. He tells Emma that he was summoned by texts from her phone and that Mark was facing disbarment for illegal activities at his practice. They both realize that Mark sent the messages to lure Tom just as a mysterious truck is seen approaching the house. Emma hides while Tom greets a man named Jimmy from the truck. Jimmy says he's there to fix the plumbing and refuses to leave despite Tom's attempts to disuade him. Jimmy's brother, Bobby, then gets out of the truck and stabs Tom to death. It's revealed Bobby was a stalker who once attacked Emma and just got out of prison after serving 10 years.

Death Link - IMDb

Emma makes it to the SUV again as Bobby pursues, dragging Mark with him. She hits Bobby with the car but then crashes into the boat shed. Emma exits the car and fights Bobby on the frozen lake. She stabs Bobby in the shoulder just as the ice gives way. Mark's corpse falls into the lake, dragging Bobby with him. Bobby manages to grab Emma and pull her in as well. As they sink, Emma grabs the knife out of Bobby's shoulder and stabs him in the eye. Mark's body drags Bobby down to his death as Emma swims up to the surface. Lying atop the ice, Emma removes her wedding ring and lets it roll into the lake as sirens are heard approaching in the background.

In a review for Common Sense Media, Jeffrey M. Anderson said that "after a shaky start, this taut, vicious horror/thriller crackles to life with a dark sense of logic, a harrowing depiction of mental and emotional abuse, and a woman's boundless strength ... it ultimately makes more sense than any Saw-related deathtraps."[20] The previously mentioned MovieWeb review called SK Dale's debut "brilliant" and said, "He nails the Hitchcockian aspects of the narrative."[17] Tomris Laffly, of, called the film "undemanding, a little silly, but a thoroughly engrossing and handsomely paced edge-of-your-seat experience all the same."[21]

The other issue with this episode is that every concept in it has been done before. It deals with a ghost on the internet, for one thing. There's a Ghost Whisperer episode with that same concept, and several horror movies that tackle the "death by technology" idea in a much better way.

This episode is not only one of the worst in Supernatural history but it might be one of the most controversial episodes because of what happens to a certain beloved character. Felicia Day, who played Charlie on the series, quickly became a fan favorite. She was one of the first openly gay characters introduced to Supernatural, which made her death particularly brutal.

The backlash to Charlie's death was intense... enough so that it got brought up at several fan conventions. The problem is, her death was lazy and unnecessary. Beyond her death, the episode featured more of the Styne family, Crowley, and Rowena, but Charlie's final scene is easily the most shocking and memorable from "Dark Dynasty."

"There's Something About Mary" is the twenty-first episode of the 12th season of Supernatural. It follows Sam and Dean trying to figure out why hunters are dying all over the country due to mysterious "accidents." One of the reasons this is the third-lowest rated episode of Supernatural is because it features the death of yet another female character in Eileen.

In 2018, UNSCEAR published its latest findings on thyroid cancers attributed to the Chernobyl disaster. Over the period from 1991 to 2015, there were 19,233 cases of thyroid cancer in patients who were younger than 18 at the time of the disaster across Ukraine, Belarus, and exposed regions of Russia. UNSCEAR concluded that around one-quarter of these cases could be linked to radiation exposure. That would mean 4,808 thyroid cancer cases.5

Combined, the confirmed death toll from Chernobyl is less than 100. We still do not know the true death toll of the disaster. My best approximation is that the true death toll is in the range of 300 to 500 based on the available evidence.15

The year after the 2011 disaster, the Japanese government estimated that 573 people had died indirectly as a result of the physical and mental stress of evacuation.17 Since then, more rigorous assessments of increased mortality have been done, and this figure was revised to 2,313 deaths in September 2020.

No one died directly from this incident, and follow-up epidemiological studies have not found a clear link between the incident and long-term health impacts.Hatch, M. C., Beyea, J., Nieves, J. W., & Susser, M. (1990). Cancer near the Three Mile Island nuclear plant: radiation emissions. American Journal of Epidemiology, 132(3), 397-412.Hatch, M. C., Wallenstein, S., Beyea, J., Nieves, J. W., & Susser, M. (1991). Cancer rates after the Three Mile Island nuclear accident and proximity of residence to the plant. American Journal of Public Health, 81(6), 719-724.

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IMDb (, the world's most popular and authoritative source for information on movies, TV shows, and celebrities, will showcase exclusive, on-the-ground coverage of the 2023 SXSW Film & TV Festival across the IMDb site, apps, and social channels, offering hundreds of millions of entertainment fans around the world an inside peek at the biggest news, titles, and stars in Austin, Texas. As an official festival sponsor, IMDb will produce exclusive celebrity portraits and interviews with leading actors, writers, and directors of titles including I Used to Be Funny, Late Bloomers, Love & Death, Parachute, Swarm, and Yellowjackets, at The IMDb Studio at SXSW from March 10-12.

IMDb is the world's most popular and authoritative source for information on movies, TV shows, and celebrities. Products and services to help fans decide what to watch and where to watch it include: the IMDb website for desktop and mobile devices; apps for iOS and Android; and X-Ray on Prime Video. IMDb also produces IMDb original video series and podcasts. For entertainment industry professionals, IMDb provides IMDbPro and Box Office Mojo. IMDb licenses information from its vast and authoritative database to third-party businesses worldwide; learn more at IMDb is an Amazon company. For more information, visit and follow @IMDb.

Ek said that the advisories will link to Spotify's fact-based COVID-19 hub in what he described as a "new effort to combat misinformation." It will roll out in the coming days, Ek said. He did not specifically reference Rogan or Young. 041b061a72


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