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Row of Cigars

About TheCigarDojo

The Cigar Dojo is somewhere for all cigar enthusiasts and new cigar lovers to come and share their experiences and join a community where we are proud to enjoy this ancient tradition of tobacco smoking in the form of Cigars.

Indeed we a part of a unique & wonderful fraternity. 

The Cigar Dojo aims to remove the stigma associated to the smoking of tobacco by educating people in the differences of tobacco products.  Tobacco smoking has, like many other things seen changes in the way societies view it over the years.  The use of tobacco once associated to luxury and glamour, has now become a bad habit and an unwanted trend following years of health reports and the growth in illness and disease related to smoking. Health reports that have unfairly targeted ALL forms of tobacco use. They have failed to differentiate products that are not pure and have been laced with chemicals and added substances which is inhaled and smoked in numbers, to what we enjoy a pure natural product that is not inhaled and majority of us smoke less than one cigar a day.   We here at the Cigar Dojo believe that cigar smoking should not fall into the same category as cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco and other products of this nature.  We want to create a responsible society of cigar aficionados that will find here a home to bond with fellow enthusiasts and like minded smokers and educate others to why cigar smoking is mostly harmless pass time that millions of us enjoy across the globe.

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